Posted by Serjan on 2009-05-07 23:16:07
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This is the site of Serjan & Ilse. 
We are dancing tango starting from February 2007, 
But are enthusiast and therefore 
visiting milongas on a regular base. 

We did have lessons from:

Barbara & Fred Cosima & Mariano (separate technique lessons) Martin & Corine Carlos & Amelie Carlos & Jessica Jur & Jonne

Workshops from:

Geertrui & Bennie (once) Corine & Fernando Lores (multiple times) Melina Sedo y Detlef Engel Sebastian Colavita y Elisabeth Guerrero (tango week) Maximiliano Martino Ávila y María Emilia Nonino (tango week) Pablo Rodriguez y Noelia Hurtado Aisha y Victor Gonzalo Robinson y Alejandra Soto Claudia Jakobsen Octavio Fernandez y Samantha Dispari Others to be added later. Please leave your messages in the guestbook.

Tango Groningen

Serjan y Ilse at Milonga Ocho de Mayo - Gronigen

We enjoyed our weekend in Groningen. Picture is taken in Ocho de Mayo. By J. Braaksma.